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Carry Your Bottle by Shanto R. Doultani

It all started while relaxing by the beach in Goa with a friend. We started seeing so many empty plastic water bottles lying around and creating garbage. After a while we got thirsty and without even thinking about it, we went to buy some bottled water. After drinking we realized that another couple of empty bottles were right there in our hands, unavoidably destined to create more garbage.

So I decided to quit bottled water forever and since then I started to carry a reusable copper bottle with me which I fill at home and easily refill wherever I find drinking water while I am out.

The next step was starting a campaign to make people aware of the issue, and of how easy it is to put an end to it: if we don’t want plastic garbage, we must stop creating it, in the first place.

Many already have joined in this project and you too can join us 

Now we have taken even a step further and selected a few reusable metal bottles for you. They are “Made in India” with high quality steel and copper, and unlike many cheap reusable plastic bottles, are safe and resistant to any climate and conditions.

So, if you also like a world without plastic garbage, support this campaign by carrying one of these bottles or any other reusable bottle with you.

As a WISE man said, “You are a guest. Leave this Earth a little more beautiful, a little more human, a little more lovable, a little more fragrant, for those unknown guests who will be following you”.

And remember: #carryyourbottle is SMART! Be WISE, Be SMART, Be Healthy!


Our Team:

Shanto R. Doultani  (Concept and Founder)

Margajee (Consultant)

Dinesh Dhamecha (Research Consultant)

Tanmai Chodankar (Visuals)


Contact Us:

Address: MC-04, Keshia Holiday Cottages, Kumar Vaddo, Behind St michael Church,

Anjuna – 403509, Goa - India

Mobile: +91 9763730029 

SMS/Whatsapp: +91 9763730029


Carry Your Bottle™  is backed by Buddha Bake Delicacies Pvt Ltd. Yogini and Keshi have been in Goa market running a restaurant for past 12 years, featured in many travel magazines and a established name in the Industry. Their experience has given a quick presence to Carry Your Bottle project in Goan Market. The establishment run under Buddha Bake Delicacies is Villa Blanche Bistro which is open form October to beginning April in Assagao, North Goa. 

On 17th January 2017 Carry Your Bottle Pvt Ltd got incorporated under Government of India, Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Carry Your Bottle™  has teamed up with PURPLE BUDDHA VENTURE PRIVATE LIMITED, for its product sale and purchase. This encourages us to do our marketing and spread the core message what we want to convey.  Mr. Ravi Kedia of Purple Buddha Venture Private Ltd, has more than 20 years of experience in Sales and Purchase.  In manufacturing of industrial LED and panel LED lighting under the brand name of Infilux Illuminations & Urvi Transformers. With Material procurement from India and abroad, they have set up a growing clientele like TCIL, Ranbaxy, Haldirams, Blue Star, CMPDI, etc.

77, Sadoday Complex, C/o Power Link, 
Near Darodkar Square,
Central Avenue,